Tuesday, September 14, 2004

So very POOR

Erm....defence coped well....couple of shots...is there anything more to say?

WELL, for starters - sort out the midfield Curbs! Stop making crack-pot substitutions! and fine any player who uses the long-ball tactic out of choice!

After all the excitement of having Kelly Holmes on the pitch, the atmosphere was dead. You could actually hear alot of the players talking it was that quiet. I don't know what it takes but people just couldn't be bothered, which reflected on our team's very casual approach to a game where we should be going for 3 points.

Kiely and Perry, for me, were our best performers, followed by the likes of Hreidarsson and almost Rommedahl. Lisbie put in a hell of alot of effort (at one point he lost the ball only to track back to the edge of our box to win it back) but he didn't have much chance. Same for Jeffers - he should be making clever runs onto through balls, or getting onto a loose ball in the box but EVERYTHING was played up in the air. I mean EVERYTHING.
Is this our actual tactic, does anyone know??? Does Curbs know???

As for substitutions. Jeffers came off for Johansson, which didn't change a thing really. Kishishev came off for Hughes only for the former Birmingham man to be shoved out on the left. Then Rommedahl getting subbed off for El-Kakouri only to be played in midfield.....AGAIN! I know we were under pressure at that point, but we shouldn't be, we should have been attacking them and Rommedahl was the only player we had who found enough space to really run at them, even though his final ball was poor on occasion.

I think the midfield and attack needs a re-think and, Curbs


Saturday, September 11, 2004

Lets all laugh at Palace

Dowie shows his stuff.....
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stage 1: anticipation of failure
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stage 2: realisation of failure....
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stage 3: .....falling flat on your arse.....sorry Palace (like your manager) you're going down.
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Friday, September 10, 2004

Deano looks forward the the Saints "clash"

Deano looks to put the disappointment of the previous game behind him as Charlton take on Southampton on Monday next week.

Deeeeeeeeaaaaaanooooo....beware Ormerod, beware
(Not 100% authentic)

Many people thought Andersen should be given his first appearance but it seems likely that Curbs will stick with Kiely. I'm not sure its specifically Kiely's fault as we've seen some shocking defending and lack of bite in midfield only adds to the pressure.

If Curbs watches the video, like he said he would, then I fully expect some changes although I hope he doesn't think we need to be more defensive by taking out Rommedahl. I think just about every Charlton fan is wondering why Chris Perry isn't playing, something that hopefully will be remedied. Maybe El-Karkouri will get his first start (or even first APPEARANCE in the centre of defence) simply because he's made it to the bench ahead of Perry. I hope this is just because of his versatility (even though he was baffled that Curbs said he could play anywhere across the back or in midfield).

Holland looks worryingly like his injury will drag on, knowing our luck with injuries, we'll manage to prematurely end the career of someone who has been almost ever present throughout his career.

In absence of Holland, I'd like to see Hughes in the centre with Murphy, to try and keep the ball a bit better, with Rommedahl on the right and Konchesky on the left to give an attack-defense balance.

The only other known casualty is Bartlett, who will probably just about miss the Soton game.

So will we be able to keep up our 100% home record.....we better! Come on you reds!!

...although, Southampton have apparently never won at the valley so far so...oh dear :(

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Has Curbs "missed out"???

With what was supposed to be a race to be the next Newcastle manager, I was amazed to see that, for once, Curbs wasn't widely linked with the job in the press. In fact, the only place I think I saw any speculation was on netaddicks by our own. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining as such, but you have to wonder whether Curbs has a smaller reputation at the moment. There were names such as Bruce, who's had a HELL of a lot of financial backing; McClaren, who (if he hadn't won silverware) seemed to spend alot and achieve relativley little; Venables, good manager but had a lot of trouble at Leeds; and Shearer, who....wasn't even qualified.
When the Liverpool job was available Curbs was, for a time, being touted as the number one target.

So how can he be a prime target for Liverpool, Tottenham and West Ham during recent years but not even be linked at all with the Newcastle job??

Is it to do with recent results (although six points isn't too bad to be honest - but you know what the press are like)?

Is it the fact that the previous speculation had always come to nothing??

Or is it just that he isn't considered "worthy" enough to take a hallowed team like Newcastle to the Champion's League???

There is, however, the possibility that (amazingly) the press don't know everything!! I mean, no-one even saw Souness going til he was practically saying good-bye.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Your-ours Djorkaeff

Youri Djorkaeff is set for a return to the Premiership after instructing his agent to find him a new club.

The Frenchman left Bolton in the summer after failing to agree terms on a new contract, with manager Sam Allardyce refusing to meet the 36-year-old's wage demands.

"I have instructed agent Willie McKay to find me a club in England because I feel I have another two good years left in me."

"I was disappointed not to sign a new deal with Bolton, everything was agreed but as time went on we went our separate ways."

"I am missing playing in England and I feel I have a lot to offer to a club in the Premier League."

With Di Canio gone, our failure to add the players we wanted in the transfer window, and the fact that he's on a free - I could seriously see us in talks with him. He also normally scores against us so I expect Curbs will have already taken notice.

The wages are the deciding factor for me. I'm sure he'd would like to join us, but would we realistically pay the 25-30Kpw that he would command? I think not.

As for whether he's still got it - i'll leave that to the scouts.

What a career move!!!!

Oh dear Snotty: The man with a bigger squad number than the number of minutes he's played this season doesn't realise the sign is for him........
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Oh dear Snotty (2):....and here he manages to count to the number of sub-appearances he's made this season
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Tug of war: Parker struggles to keep his beloved Chelsea shirt....
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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Austria 2 - 2 England

Well what an odd game. David James, or "Calamity James" as the press have nicknamed him lets us down again. For the first, it was a great shot that he didn't have much of a chance with but the second was Hislop-esque. Eriksson rushed to his defence with very similar words to Harry Redknapp a few games ago: "It happens in football, but he has saved us so many times before, so it's not a problem." He then followed these words with: "I am quite sure that David will play on Wednesday." Which brings me to who else would we play? Robinson hasn't got much experience but then look at Casillas captain of Spain, I believe. Rob Green, of Norwich, looks like another good prospect - one they may not hang on to if they can't stay up. Then there's Chris Kirkland who just hasn't played enough games but has showed promise in those he has. He needs to play regularly somewhere else (but NOT Coventry as was in the press) and stay injury free.

Calamity James
(May not be 100% accurate)

Gerrard's goal was quality and looked very similar to our own Matty Holland's goal against Boro last season. Apart from that, we dominated most of the game but were poor at times. The Cole-Bridge partnership looked impressive and should continue provided Bridge recovers from minor injury. As for THAT decision to bring off Gerrard, comical, but what can you do? - talk to each other??

"It was a bit of a misunderstanding. Wayne Bridge had a kick on his Achilles and I signalled to the bench to change him - and they changed me. I thought the manager wanted me to come off but he thought I had signalled to come off - it's one of those things, I can't do anything about it." - Gerrard.

Elsewhere Rep. of Ireland overcame Cyprus with a 3-0 win. Andy Reid scored an absolute stunner which will probably cause his price to rise.

Kish's Bulgaria beat Hreidarsson's Iceland 3-1, Andersen and Rommedahl didn't feature but star addick of that day was Talal El-Karkouri who scored a stunning 35 yard free kick.....nice.

....and the Argys are losing their reputation for a dirty, battling team.

Handbags at the ready
(Image may be super-imposed)

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Membership Scheme

For those that attend home games regularly but don't have a season ticket - other than picking one up on ebay - you can join the new "Charlton Athletic Membership Scheme" or "CAMS" which aim to provide a number of benefits.

Its kind of worrying when they include on the list of benefits things like "welcome letter", the card itself and "mid-season newsletter" (one?) .

On the plus, it aims to deter away fans from sitting in home areas. I had to endure sitting next to two Villa fans who insisted on moaning every time a decision went against them. Well, I know I do that but that's not the point. To make things worse they even stood up when we scored which I just found shocking. Also, why did they NEED to sit there. It was an evening game so it wasn't as though he wouldn't get a ticket in the JS stand. Ah well, the game was good so I didn't get too pissed off.

Ah well, back to the point - if you wanna join here's the address: ccc@cafc.co.uk
or call 080 587 1100

Friday, September 03, 2004


In the past few years, with our small squad and HUGE injury lists, we have needed to move people around into different positions, thus playing them "out of position". I can remember Luke Young playing left-midfield at one point in a game and Robbo as a right or left back..BUT these times are no more. We DON'T have an injury list, more of a name or two! However, Curbs still insists on playing people out of their natural positions, somewhat needlessly.

e.g. Against City we had: Rommedahl (a good right winger) on the left, Murphy (CM) on the right, Euell (striker???) in the middle with Kishishev (absolutely no idea...??) Now somehow this worked against Villa but it is un-necessary.

How about..? Rommedahl on the right, Murphy and (the supposedly now fit) Holland in the middle and then Konchesky on the left, leaving this formation.


It's very important to get the balance right, and I think this incorporates certain strengths and weaknesses.

For a start, Young is fairly useless going forward, so sticking Rommedahl in front of him means he doesn't have to too much.

The Hreidarsson-Konchesky link up on the left allows and overlap (HH great going forward) yet keeps a defensive balance in midfield.

With Konchesky not going forward too much, it allows Holland to make runs into the box (shown his ability to score like this when he played on our RM last season) to get on the end of some Rommedahl crosses.

Giving Murphy a central role allows us to keep the ball a bit better and play some through passess to Jeffers and Rommedahl.

Bringing back Bartlett (if fit) means that if the pressure is on us then Bartlett can come back to help out (as he does soo effectively) leaving Rommedahl (who, lets face it, isn't EVER going to make a tackle) and Jeffers up front for a counter.

As for the two centre-backs, I'd just like to see a change.

Fair Play Anthem

I'm not sure what to say other than.........why? just why? What is actual point? Do players think, "oh this is jolly nice, I certainly won't be going in with the old two feet this game" ? NO?!


Not only does it serve no purpose, but it stops a build up of what atomsphere there is at the valley these days.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Euell for Jamaica

Well, its taken a LOOOOOOOOONG time but Euell finally came to the solution that he isn't going to make the England squad and so has turned to Jamaica.

He was due to make his debut for Jamaica last week but a paper-work problem prevented him.

"Hopefully that'll come through this week and we've got games against Panama at home and then El Salvadore away in September," said Euell.
"I hope the international scene helps me improve my game with a different coach and different players.
"I'm 27 now and I feel as if I've improved as a player and still am. They say you're at your peak at this age."

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Rooney a.k.a. "Spud-head"

Well England's "next big thing" goes on to a career of at Man Utd (boooo), but it appears Everton were desperate to keep him, going to extrodinary lengths:

Well the thought of Rooney singing is just sick, so I'm glad that one passed him by.........

.....I'll get my coat

No deal

Well due to silly pricing we didn't manage to get anyone else on board. The club officially had a bid turned down for Darren Bent thought to be £3m with Ipswich wanting £5m and Stuart on loan. As for Andy Reid, the club didn't confirm anything, but it seems we have been sniffing around. Andy Reid speaks of his frustration of his high price tag here.

“Danny Murphy went to Charlton from Liverpool for £2.5m. He played for England, he’s in Liverpool’s first team, he’s been one of their top three scorers for the past few years and that’s his price. Francis Jeffers went to Charlton as well for £2m. Then there’s me. Ok, I’m younger than them and I have got potential, but I haven’t proved myself at Premiership level.”

Either he's complimenting shrewd business in the transfer market or we were interested.

LOST: Our best defender
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.........AND FOUND: Martin Keown gets used to life after Arsenal
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