Friday, September 10, 2004

Deano looks forward the the Saints "clash"

Deano looks to put the disappointment of the previous game behind him as Charlton take on Southampton on Monday next week.

Deeeeeeeeaaaaaanooooo....beware Ormerod, beware
(Not 100% authentic)

Many people thought Andersen should be given his first appearance but it seems likely that Curbs will stick with Kiely. I'm not sure its specifically Kiely's fault as we've seen some shocking defending and lack of bite in midfield only adds to the pressure.

If Curbs watches the video, like he said he would, then I fully expect some changes although I hope he doesn't think we need to be more defensive by taking out Rommedahl. I think just about every Charlton fan is wondering why Chris Perry isn't playing, something that hopefully will be remedied. Maybe El-Karkouri will get his first start (or even first APPEARANCE in the centre of defence) simply because he's made it to the bench ahead of Perry. I hope this is just because of his versatility (even though he was baffled that Curbs said he could play anywhere across the back or in midfield).

Holland looks worryingly like his injury will drag on, knowing our luck with injuries, we'll manage to prematurely end the career of someone who has been almost ever present throughout his career.

In absence of Holland, I'd like to see Hughes in the centre with Murphy, to try and keep the ball a bit better, with Rommedahl on the right and Konchesky on the left to give an attack-defense balance.

The only other known casualty is Bartlett, who will probably just about miss the Soton game.

So will we be able to keep up our 100% home record.....we better! Come on you reds!!

...although, Southampton have apparently never won at the valley so far so...oh dear :(


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