Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Has Curbs "missed out"???

With what was supposed to be a race to be the next Newcastle manager, I was amazed to see that, for once, Curbs wasn't widely linked with the job in the press. In fact, the only place I think I saw any speculation was on netaddicks by our own. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining as such, but you have to wonder whether Curbs has a smaller reputation at the moment. There were names such as Bruce, who's had a HELL of a lot of financial backing; McClaren, who (if he hadn't won silverware) seemed to spend alot and achieve relativley little; Venables, good manager but had a lot of trouble at Leeds; and Shearer, who....wasn't even qualified.
When the Liverpool job was available Curbs was, for a time, being touted as the number one target.

So how can he be a prime target for Liverpool, Tottenham and West Ham during recent years but not even be linked at all with the Newcastle job??

Is it to do with recent results (although six points isn't too bad to be honest - but you know what the press are like)?

Is it the fact that the previous speculation had always come to nothing??

Or is it just that he isn't considered "worthy" enough to take a hallowed team like Newcastle to the Champion's League???

There is, however, the possibility that (amazingly) the press don't know everything!! I mean, no-one even saw Souness going til he was practically saying good-bye.


At September 7, 2004 at 10:36 PM, Blogger North_singer said...

i dont think that Curbs' has a lower rep than Bruce in football. However, i do feel that Bruce's rep has grown quicker than Curbs' did. This is because of the financial backing given from the bcfc board, and the continual desire for steady improvement at the valley. But i see this as a good thing for us. If we continue to keep Curbs, it can only do us good (for a certain time, before his ideas become stale). And could everyone please visit http://uppernorth.blogspot.com/, which is also a felow Charlton Blog. Good luck in the year, hairycakeliner. Long may your success continue


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