Saturday, September 04, 2004

Membership Scheme

For those that attend home games regularly but don't have a season ticket - other than picking one up on ebay - you can join the new "Charlton Athletic Membership Scheme" or "CAMS" which aim to provide a number of benefits.

Its kind of worrying when they include on the list of benefits things like "welcome letter", the card itself and "mid-season newsletter" (one?) .

On the plus, it aims to deter away fans from sitting in home areas. I had to endure sitting next to two Villa fans who insisted on moaning every time a decision went against them. Well, I know I do that but that's not the point. To make things worse they even stood up when we scored which I just found shocking. Also, why did they NEED to sit there. It was an evening game so it wasn't as though he wouldn't get a ticket in the JS stand. Ah well, the game was good so I didn't get too pissed off.

Ah well, back to the point - if you wanna join here's the address:
or call 080 587 1100


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