Friday, September 03, 2004


In the past few years, with our small squad and HUGE injury lists, we have needed to move people around into different positions, thus playing them "out of position". I can remember Luke Young playing left-midfield at one point in a game and Robbo as a right or left back..BUT these times are no more. We DON'T have an injury list, more of a name or two! However, Curbs still insists on playing people out of their natural positions, somewhat needlessly.

e.g. Against City we had: Rommedahl (a good right winger) on the left, Murphy (CM) on the right, Euell (striker???) in the middle with Kishishev (absolutely no idea...??) Now somehow this worked against Villa but it is un-necessary.

How about..? Rommedahl on the right, Murphy and (the supposedly now fit) Holland in the middle and then Konchesky on the left, leaving this formation.


It's very important to get the balance right, and I think this incorporates certain strengths and weaknesses.

For a start, Young is fairly useless going forward, so sticking Rommedahl in front of him means he doesn't have to too much.

The Hreidarsson-Konchesky link up on the left allows and overlap (HH great going forward) yet keeps a defensive balance in midfield.

With Konchesky not going forward too much, it allows Holland to make runs into the box (shown his ability to score like this when he played on our RM last season) to get on the end of some Rommedahl crosses.

Giving Murphy a central role allows us to keep the ball a bit better and play some through passess to Jeffers and Rommedahl.

Bringing back Bartlett (if fit) means that if the pressure is on us then Bartlett can come back to help out (as he does soo effectively) leaving Rommedahl (who, lets face it, isn't EVER going to make a tackle) and Jeffers up front for a counter.

As for the two centre-backs, I'd just like to see a change.


At September 5, 2004 at 12:13 PM, Blogger se3addick said...

It seems that Rommedahl hasn't yet learned that when Curbs gives his pre-match instructions he means what he says. Against Portsmouth Curbs had told him to play on the right wing where he'd be up against Unsworth, who'd never be able to cope with his pace. As we all know, during the match Dennis was switching wings. At half time, Curbs had to remind him, very forcefully and using 'industrial language', that his place was on the right.

So, we shouldn't always assume that the formation that we see during the game is the one that Curbs intended - well, at least not until the new players bed in anyway!

At September 5, 2004 at 12:33 PM, Blogger hairycakeliner said...

True, but I don't think this was the case for the city game. Murphy was clearly playing right midfield and so it wasn't a case of Rommedahl just playing out of position. Tbh, we didn't have an aerial threat in the box so maybe the plan was for him to cut in and act as another striker, i dunno...but i know it didn't work.


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